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1965 Rambler Marlin by American Motors Corporation

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Welcome to my PRO-AMC Rambler Marlin website! With thanks to 1colony, for their excellent website hosting services, this is a place where I can help to improve AMC's Rambler Marlin information, so we can pass on a more honest historical record to benefit the minds of future generations.

Since an unfair portion of AMC history is tainted with wrong information, misinformation and disinformation, cognitive dissonance is neccessary to avoid 'underdog complex'; a mental dissorder where a person is initially attracted to an entity for it's perceived positive attributes, and sensing unfair treatment begins to take action to 'right the wrong', but in the process of time adapts to enjoy the negative behavior instead.







Marlin Territory

'Fact' -something which is known to be true by actual experience or observation.

'Factoid' -something which is assumed to be true by it's repeated inclusion in literature.

AMC's Rambler Marlin product has been branded with so many disparraging statements it's downright pitiful. This car is a real life Cinderella story where the otherwise remarkable car is forced to exist impoverished, wearing rags instead of well styled words which would be more suitable to it's technical and visual attibutes.

Fact is; in US auto history, AMC's Rambler Marlin product was the first intermediate sized fastback of the sixties.

Most remarkable is how Rambler Marlin's profile resembles the profile of actual Marlin fishes found in the ocean.

AMC was the only US car maker who had enough ingenuity to create a 'Twin Stick' floor shift device for conveniently shifting the Warner Gear Divison sourced '3+2' manual transmission as a five speed, and this device was optional for '65 Rambler Marlin.

None of the old Rambler Marlin articles say this; In a mystical sense, where the word 'fastback' is interpreted to mean 'departure', Rambler Marlin's fastback styling 'says goodbye' to the 'fat fender' tailfinned cars of the fifties. AMC was saying goodbye to their more prudent Rambler stylng, in a process of transforming their carmaker image from 'Rambler Division' in order to establish a new more sporty image association with their corporate American Motors nameplate.

Most of the old Rambler Marlin articles contain a whining complaint about how the Marlin needed a longer hoodline to make it more visually appealing; From an engineering standpoint, this is yet another example of AMC making two different wheelbase* cars with one unibody chassis design; By extending the engine compartment area between the firewall and the front suspension, AMC's Rambler Classic/Marlin chassis becomes the longer wheelbase AMC 'Ambassador by Rambler'. (an actual Marlin billfish does not have a longer 'spear' like the Swordfish)

*by shortening a pre-exisiting chassis it becomes proportionally wider and more suitable for going around corners, by lengthening a chassis it becomes proportionally narrowed and more suitable for high speed straight line stability; for many examples of this, look at cars modified to run at Bonneville compared to cars modified to race on GT type road courses.

-jotting down ideas/reformed text needing evolution