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1965 Rambler Marlin by American Motors Corporation

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Comparing what we learn about AMC products through typical mainstream medias, to what we might learn by doing actual research predictably produces a question; why are these cars so berated when it seems that they should be equally respected among their appropriate automotive peers?

Trick question!

There are many particular-to-AMC features which can't be learned through research... because there is no information there!

No information? Yes, and there is wrong information, misinformation and disinformation too... so... it's kinda like a 'counting your chickens before they hatch' thing where a person needs to learn how to analyize the eggs first in order to avoid getting duped into thinking that every egg is the same thing as an actual chicken.

So the no information factor would be like a double yolk, but the average observer assumes it's only one chicken.

For example; Big name/authoritative article on AMC Rambler Marlin contains no information about AMC making use of fully galvanized steel stampings for the Marlin's rear fenders; the average observer is made to assume they are merely painted for corrosion resistance as was conventional in US automotive history. -Nope, it's like the double yolk thing; there are two good forms of corrosion proofing evidenced by actual Rambler Marlin fenders 1) they are fully galvanized 2) the car's all welded unibody chassis was deep-dipped in rust preventing primer paint prior to receiving it's final baked on acrylic enamel finish.

So... first example... big mainstream media... no information... what is it? Misinformation? Could it have been actual disinformation in the past? Why would it be 'not talked about'? Why wouldn't it be an opportunity to... well 'ya know... bragg a little bit? (that's not so hard to imagine?)

But reality is stranger than fiction; it's really a weird thing that 'the experts' don't wear that little factoid out!

I could really stand on my soapbox here and grind my axe; anybody who's interested in learning about AMC products needs a more basic education first to learn about no information, misinformation and disinformation -then- when they read some malarkey like 'the Marlin was made to compete with the Mustang'... the bells will go off and they'll be able recognize the falacious statement there on the page.

And I really don't mean 'to point the finger'; I used to say 'the Rambler Marlin was the first intermediate sized car of the sixites' -but I was wrong; Studebaker debuted their Avanti in '63 (further sorted to 'the glass-back/fastback' progeny trail)

There's so many lies in AMC literature it's become very repulsive to me so I'm just going to leave this page like this for awhile.


Compulsive lying is a mental illness.










Marlin Territory

AMC's '65 Rambler Marlin has a remarkable place in US auto history, chronologically located between the '49 Tucker, '57 Chrysler Norseman, '66 Dodge Charger and '67 Ford Torino, which inadvertently tells a story of automotive alternative engines.

(to be continued as grace allows)