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1965 Rambler Marlin by American Motors Corporation

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Since most adult mental illnesses stem from child abuse, and an unfair portion of AMC history is tainted with wrong information, misinformation and disinformation, part of my purpose to make these webpages is to reform this part of US history to benefit the minds of future generations.

As distinguished from 'rooting for the underdog' where much positive motivation may occur, a noticable majority of AMC subcultures contain what I call 'AMC underdog complex'. This is a mental dissorder where a person is initially attracted to AMC products for their perceived positive attributes, and sensing their unfair treatment the person intially takes action to 'right the wrong', but in the process of time the person gradually acquires a taste to enjoy the negative behavior instead.







Marlin Territory

AMC's Rambler Marlin is another good example of an AMC product which has many disparaging sayings made by non-enthusiasts attached to the car's reputation.

No, it was not AMC's reaction to Ford's Mustang! (not even the Plymouth Barracuda!) No it did not suffer from poor sales; I've seen the AMC dealer bulletin named 'How to sell the Classic using the Marlin' (it was an attention getter car to sell the more prudent models) -and- the first AMC Marlin advertisements clearly state 'Now in limited production' at the bottom of the ad.  No they don't look like a Rambler Classic with a fastback roof grafted on; they do have an artistic looking way of how the polished stainless steel strips which outline the sloping roofline run parallel and yet at different angles from the strips which outline the rear fenders... it's a work of art to be admired by any well cultured observer.

That said, let's tell the Marlin story another way expressed by someone who actually likes the car, someone who's owned one a driven one, someone who's studied in depth to investigate many different leads to learn as much as the can to tell all about the car... well maybe that someone might be me and here's what I'd say if I was a 'real' historian;

The '65 Rambler Marlin has a remarkable place in US auto history, chronologically located between the '49 Tucker, '57 Chrysler Norseman, '66 Dodge Charger and '67 Ford Torino, which inadvertently tells a story of automotive alternative engines.

(to be continued as grace allows)