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The first thing anyone should know about these cars is that they are truly smeared with an unfair bad reputation.

Next, one needs to learn about two peculiarities which pertain to AMC products in general, but are also microcosms of our larger social macrocosm; 1) they have a poorly handled historical record 2) percentage of people within the group typically demonstrate what I call 'AMC Underdog Complex'.

Both actually, can be classified as mental illnesses, and yet both are overlooked, as if no psychological treatment is needed.

1) Passing a false historical record on to future generations is in effect, lying to children, which is child abuse. This is related to 'compulsive lying'; that somehow what is false sounds better than what is true, and remains unquestioned (due to the mental illness) Moreover, this may qualify as psychopathic disorder where the person cannot learn and demonstrates socially unacceptable or immoral behavior. (lying to children/child abuse)

2) 'AMC Underdog Complex' is a subcatagory of the general textbook described mental illness, not to be confused with 'Rooting for the Underdog'. This is where the person is initially attracted to the AMC product by some perceived positive attribute, and sensing unfair treatment begins to 'right the wrong' but in the process of time develops an acquired taste to enjoy the negative behavior instead. (similar to defeatism)

The degree of intensity to which the illnesses are demonstrated varies as much as the individual personalities are unique.

My attempt here is to convey mental health generalities, not to slice and dice people under the microscope!

But looking 'in the macroscope' what can be seen within the AMC world is an indicator of what can be seen in 'modern society', where many people may have mild forms of mental illness which can be treated with psychotherapy to improve their mental health condition.

The problem then, is realization, acceptance and getting treatment.

Otherwise, concering the unusual cars AMC made, they're just cars, plain and simple.


Just as important to understanding AMC information mentality, it is likewise important to understand the types of lies one is most likely to find in AMC literature.

The several most common types of 'AMC lies' can be classified as a) disinformation b) misinformation/wrong information and c) no information.

A) AMC Disinformation; this is where the particular AMC product description is told in order to promote another brand's product, or to deliberately confuse the AMC product information with descrete allusions to other brand superiority.

Eg; when a Marlin history article compares the product to Mustang (wrong size catagory, limited vs full volume production)

Eg; attempting to name AMC engines with Chevrolet hashtags (where standard alpha-numerical is subverted)

B) AMC Misinformation; this is where the particular AMC product description is technically incorrect. These mistakes are typically made by people with good intentions but don't necessarily have extensive technical knowledge about AMC products, like, 'someone who is just running their mouth' but doesn't really know the details on what they are trying to express; the old 'know-it-all' trick!

Eg; the Rambler V8 has valves 'that go straight up and down' (Buick 'Nailhead)

Eg; AMC Gremlins are notorious for rust (AMC pioneered self-rinse technology & all Gremlins were deep dipped in rust preventing primer paint, having many galvanized body panels incorporated into it's all welded unibody construction)

C) AMC No Information; this is where there is no information in mainstream articles describing the otherwise more remarkable features of the product.

Eg; an AMC Pacer article that does not mention the non-symetrical doors (AMC Pacer applied mostly cosmetic '71/4 Javelin type non-symetrical styling to be used for more functional advanced ergonomics)

Eg; an AMC Javelin article that does not mention the Javelin won Trans-AM racing title three years in a row (three years in a row matches what Ford and GM did in the same time frame & destroys the AMC Javelin underdog theory)

Just to show a few examples is already too much for my personal tastes; I don't desire to document the wide array of AMC disinformation and misinformation technical falacies -it's 'not my thing'.

Wherefore, I's much rather prefer say when it comes to describing AMC's Gremln, there are a few remarkable features which pertain the product that are not well known;

(to be continued, re-worded and continuously refined to express the emphasized issues)