XRV8 RP Picture Gallery

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Race Parts for AM's '56-'67 Rambler V8 Engine -click on pics


XRV8 RP LoMount Alt Bracket -replace mechanical fuel pump with Delco 10SI and never worry about a ruptured ethanol intolerant fuel pump diaphragm again.

XRV8 RP no-bypass oil filter mount -Make sure your expensive vintage Rambler V8 gets 100% engine oil filtration.

XRV8 RP detailed race cam core with D.Elgin Racing Cams 'super lobe' regrind compared to stock cam on left

'65 AM Warner Gear 10B rebuilt and modified by XRV8 Race Parts

Welded stroker crankshaft to make 443 CID Rambler V8 by XRV8 Race Parts

XRV8 RP roller timing set -lightened, polished and precision balanced for higher rpm duty than stock link belt type

XRV8 Race Parts Rambler V8 adjustable rocker arms (this set weight matched @ 105 grams)

XRV8 RP Valve Spring Kit -use with flush seat cut 1.95"/1.60" valves & 1.9" v.spring install height to get .480" lift potential -larger ex.valve is key to easier porting; inquire

Rambler V8 rocker arms -detailed, weight matched and polished by XRV8 RP -radiused tip option is a must for higher lift cams

443 CID XRV8 Race Engine!